Text by Isabelle Mars

Text for Jürgen Albrecht
by Isabelle Mars (2013)

“Light and shades. Motion and pause. My gaze is wandering into spacious architecture. It seems only a hand high but yet it feels man-size. My imagination is adapting my body to these proportions. This way, I can ramble through them. At peace with myself I stride through new places and forget the charivari around me. I am in an exhibition of Juergen Albrecht. His sculptures are not showing anything but are creating free space and let us become authors of what we behold. Neither clever technique nor special effects are necessary, simple cubes made of cardboard and a trifle of white colour as well as the application of light – artificial, extracted from daylight or projected from the direct surroundings – are quickening the soul and its moods. We are being taken in our own reality which maybe we never got hold of in that way before. Only one person at a time can see inside the sculptures, view their own image until they move on to make space for the next contemplator.”