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“Dancing House” wins LichtRouten award
The installation “Dancing House” by Klaus Obermaier at Knapper School has won first place in the LichtRouten award 2013. With about 20 percent of the votes of the audience, the reactive installation was thus clearly ahead of the altogether 20 installations. In second place came … more

4.5 tons of flyers for LichtRoutenThe flyers for LichtRouten are there. A quarter of a million copies were produced by printing shop Seltmann. A total of 4.5 tons of paper was used during the process of printing. The leaflets are available ... more

Experts for the light trails
Approximately 50 assistants will be available at the LichtRouten sites and to guide visitors through the course of installations. They are familiar with the installations and artists of LichtRouten 2013. For months, the assistants have prepared … more

Hotels are fully booked
Ten days before the start of the event LichtRouten 2013 in Lüdenscheid are already very popular. Among other things this is reflected in the hotel bookings… mehr

LichtRouten on the jersey
Football and light art – not a perfect match at first sight. But in Lüdenscheid it blends very well. For the entire month of September the footballers of FC Rot-Weiß Lüdenscheid are playing with the logo of LichtRouten on their jerseys… more


From LightVisions to Dark Angels

The Cafe “The Little Prince”, Barber Bubert, the public library and the studio x-mal participate with different contributions at LichtRouten 2013... more


Join! Photos for the light depot
LichtRouten started more than ten years ago. Visitors have taken thousands of photos there. These we would like to collect and present in a presentation at the City Gallery during LichtRouten 2013. Join us! Send us your photos to, upload it to our Flickr group “depot” or put it up on our Facebook page.


Nothing works without them
It takes a lot helping hands in order to make LichtRouten run smoothly. The visitors will not notice it in the end, but for the curators and the LichtRouten team support in the areas of trade and technology is essential … more

Science Slam about light
What is light, what does light, is there light, which actually does not exist? On Wednesday, October 2 2013, at 7.30 pm scientists have exactly 10 minutes in order to present their topic in an informative, comprehensible and entertaining way In Culture House Luedenscheid … more


Here you can find the invitation to LichtRouten 2013. Make use of it and invite your friends and famliy. Open and download here


Otto Piene’s work won’t be realized
Yesterday his team informed that Otto Piene won’t be able to take part in “LichtRouten”. At the age of 85 years not all projects and exhibitions can be done any more. The curators Bettina Pelz and Tom Groll are disappointed but show some understanding: “We would have loved to … more


Dr. Susanne Conzen

City Gallery c/o LichtRouten
LichtRouten are happy to have a great number of partners for their event programme this year. One of them is the City Gallery Luedenscheid. Dr. Susanne Conzen who manages the gallery since April 2013 presented the planned events together with curators Bettina Pelz and Tom Groll … more