Paint Your City

Paint Your City

Face of university of Applied Sciences turns into screen – a project of “Denkfabrik”

During LichtRouten 2013 there will be a huge projection screen in the middle of the growing science quarter called “Denkfabrik” (Think Tank), part of a regional development scheme. Special about this installation – everybody can use. For the first time in the history of LichtRouten not only artists but also big and small visitors can show their works of art which they have sent in beforehand.

This can be drawings or pictures which show everyday scenes; it can be photographs, which document moments or places in public space or animated sequences telling a story or it can be ornaments which beautify the city.

Pictures can be sent in analogue or digital, still or animated. Analogue the size should be at least 15×13 cm or more in the same aspect ratio. The same applies for digital pictures. They also need a resolution of 300 dpi and more.

Per person there can only be one picture or one animated sequence with a maximum length of two minutes. All contrubutions must be labeled with the full name of the author.

All works which are entered will be shown. There is no legal claim for a large size projection. Luedenscheid City Marketing Association reserves the right not to publish pictures with abusive, violent, pornographic, racist, sexist or similar content.

For questions and registration please contact Marit Schulte of LichtRouten-Team at +49 2351-171 616 or via

Pictures can be sent in until September, 17, either via or to LichtRouten office c/o Lüdenscheider Stadtmarketinggesellschaft, Mathildenstraße 20, T +49 2351-1064234.