Saturday, September 28

Saturday, September 28


For open guided tours in German have a look here.

8.00 pm
Open Guided Tour in English
by curator Bettina Pelz
Start: Museums of the City of Luedenscheid/ City Gallery
The participation is free of charge.
Info: The open guided tour in English will start after the public meeting “Fifty Years of Light in Fine Arts: From the Documenta III to LichtRouten 2013” with curator Bettina Pelz and the artists Refik Anadol, Katharina Berndt, Detlef Hartung, Robert Sochacki, Amy Youngs a.o. (in English). See further information here.


On Request
Highlights of LichtRouten
Guided tours in English to see a selection of the best installations and interventions of LichtRouten can be booked.
Fee: 150 €
Info / Booking: LichtRouten-Information

On Request
Making of LichtRouten
Guided tours in English with focus on the technical aspects of the LichtRouten can be booked.
Fee: 150 €
Info/Booking: LichtRouten-Information


5.00 pm
Now I begin to see the light
Service in Church “Christuskirche”
with Olaf Westmeier and Pastor Bärbel Wilde
Address: Bahnhofstraße 59
Info: +49.2351.24464

6.00 pm
Fifty Years of Light in Fine Arts: From Documenta III to LichtRouten 2013
Introduction by curator Bettina Pelz and artists talk with Refik Anadol, Atsara – Audrey Rocher, Katharina Berndt, Detlef Hartung, Robert Sochacki a.o.
at the City Gallery (in English). The talk will be followed by a public guided tour by curator Bettina Pelz (in English).
Address: Sauerfelder Straße 14-20
Info: City Gallery or T +49.2351.171496

7.00 to 10.00 pm
Lights and Moments of Reflection
Open church in Christuskirche, Free Protestant Church, Church St. Joseph und Medardus and Auferstehungskirche (in this church there will
be a concert by the Band “2B” at 7.30 pm)
Address: Christuskirche, Bahnhofstraße 59;
Address: Free Protestant Church, Börsenstraße 6;
Address: St. Joseph and Medardus, Jokuschstraße 12
Address: Auferstehungskirche, Höher Weg 8

From 7.30 pm
Dark Angel
Light Model styled by coiffeur Bubert professionell
is promenading through the city.
Info: Bubert professionel

7.30 pm to 12.00 pm
Open House at DIAL
Presentations and Workshops
Address: Bahnhofsallee 18
* Toilets
Info: DIAL und T +49.2351.56740

7.30 pm to 12.00 pm
Phaenomenta at Night
Parts of the permanent exhibition will be open and during LichtRouten the Phaenomenta Café will be open
Address: Gustav-Adolf-Str. 9-11
* Gastronomy
* Toilets
Info: Phänomenta Lüdenscheid or T +49.2351.21532

8.00 pm
Blind Date – Dinner in the Dark
First there was light – or, what does darkness actually taste like?
Café “The Little Prince” offers dinner in complete darkness. Reservation necessary.
Luisenstraße 15
* Gastronomy
* Toilets
Info: Café “The Little Prince” or T +49.2351.27495

8.00 / 8.30 / 9.00 / 9.30 pm
Cycles of Improvisation
Musician Bradford Catler plays in the installation of Jakob Mattner
Address: Former Factory Wilhelm Berg, Altenaer Straße 23

8.30 pm
Live Music by Atsara
Audrey Rocher and Roland Devocelle play in their installation
Address: Former “Damrosch” Terrain, Bahnhofsallee 11