Rainer Plum Statement

Rainer Plum

“The laser light constructions convert the given architectural space in a shape of virtual constructions in space. The fascination of these light events lie in the vibrating brilliance of the light shapes conditioned by the carriers water or vapour on the one hand and the ambivalence between visual perception and reality of surface and space – an illusion of haptic constructs – on the other. The observer suddenly envisions something that contradicts logic, something that should not really appear in this form but still exists. This contradiction is forming the basis of my artistic work and results from the amazement of visible reality.

In a process of deceleration the speed of changing laser light events which form anew in lines, surfaces and space are being chosen in such a way that puts the observer in a state of stress and enables to perceive silence openly. The observer is confronted with the events not only seeing them but also experiencing them physically – his entire body is part of the events and determines the relation with the virtual constructions respectively, he creates identification. There is no given linear sequence of presentation but concurrence and transparency are demanded. The present is groping for the already vanished and fills the space that yet has to be modulated. Past and future coincide.”