Hartung + Trenz Statement

Hartung + Trenz

“Do we trust in the spoken word more than in an image? Is an artist’s verbal statement more relevant and insightful than his artistic work? Have we lost the ability to read images? It is almost 20 years that we are engaged with the relation of words and images, the two most visual facilities to interpret and archive perception. We regard images as tangible language and words as figurative symbols, with regard to content as well as in the formal sense. The basic concept of our work is to withdraw words their serious and authoritarian legibility and return their original poetic ability for connotation through linking and embedding them in plane and space. Simultaneously, the generated images can be read and interpreted. Caption becomes inscription. Word images become spaces of text and image which correspond with the real three-dimensional spaces they are projected on. The automatism of character sensing draws the contemplator that is the reader directly into the perceived image. At the same moment this again becomes part of his active thought process. Through its level of abstraction lettering does not simulate an imitation of reality but remains cipher, arranged symbol. Here it meets with the symbolism of form and motions of images. Our works experiment with the interaction of linguistic awareness and pictographic association, the ability of word and image to interpret and create.”